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Amethyst, Selenite and Kyanite crystals for sale

Crystal Pendants


These beautiful crystal pendants are hand-wrapped, and made custom for each order. Each pendant comes with a free cord, however you may also wear them on a gold or silver chain of your choice, dangle them from a rear-view mirror, simply hold in the pocket, afix to a keychain, or a variety of other ways to carry your crystal. Each crystal varies slightly in shape and size. Please email if you have specific requirements for this order. 


Selenite (satin spar): Selenite helps to bring clarity of mind. It helps us to access our higher guidance. Selenite is a cleansing stone, useful for meditation. It also aids in protection of the body and home. Create a safe space with selenite around home. Wear and/ or hold it to cleanse, maintain a peaceful aura, and to prevent external energy from penetrating your peace. Charge other crystals with your selenite. Do not get selenite wet. 


Amethyst: The amethyst is a powerfully protective stone with a high spritual vibration. Amethysts can help you to develop your spirituality. They can help you to deepen your meditation, and enhance creativity and psychic abilities. The amethyst draws a calming and healing energy into the body. It can protect you from negativity and psychic attack, and also help to balance your emotions. Use amethyst points to direct energy: toward you to draw in energy, and away fom you to draw off energy. 


Blue Kyanite: Kyanite harnesses a tranquilizing power. It stimulates psychic abilities, and powerfully amplifies energies around us. Kyanite can build our compassion, while grounding us spiritually. Kyanite never requires cleansing, as it naturally dispels negative energies. It stimulates the higher mind, fends off confusion stress and fears, and aids logical thought processes. Blue kyanite specifically, opens the throat chakra; therefore it is a strong stone of communication and the voice, proving especially helpful for singers, and public speakers. Do not get kyanite wet. 


The wire is gold, silver and bronze colored. 


The cording is soft suede lace.

  • Return Policy

    There are no returns for this product. However, if your pendant unravels from the wire or cording within 15 days of your order's arrival, I will re-wrap it. You must pay shipping to get it to me, and then I will rewrap and resend to you. 

  • Shipping

    For all U.S. orders, shipping has been included in the price. For overseas orders, shipping is $10.00. 



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